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Tasty Dish

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Do you like Food Network shows, along the lines of Next Food Network Star or Chopped? Do you like yummy food, a good laugh, and maybe a little–or a lot of–romance mixed in? Then Tasty Dish is for you…


“Teresa stood in front of a large outdoor stone fire pit with Cookie, Karl and Chance. Karl had been right: they were asked to do a cookout. But as with any reality TV competition, it wasn’t that simple. Plank seating surrounded the pit and right behind them, a rock wall curved in a C shape about five feet high. Teresa and her team would have to scavenge wood, start a fire, and cook dinner and dessert for four in the pit. They would be provided with a selection of food and implements, but there was only one of each item: pot, pan, spatula, knife, etc. They were told the reasoning behind this was based on a pop-up often lacking in basic resources.

A nearby walkway paved in dark brick led to the lake; the sun shone through the trees on the western shore, and a long table for the judges faced the pit. They would have front row seating for Team Three’s victory—­or defeat.”


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