In Concert

That’s Entertainment: Book Two

In Concert


Hot shot reality TV producer Victoria Clausen loves only one thing: creating hit shows. Luke Tyler’s two main goals in life are getting out of the shadow of his famous father and being a successful country music star in his own right. When Victoria convinces him that his band would make a great subject for a reality series, Luke reluctantly agrees. The cameras are everywhere as filming begins, and both of their lives change in unexpected ways when Luke explores a new goal, and Victoria learns real life is more desirable.

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Excerpt from In Concert (longer samples are available at Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo):

“Well,” Victoria said, as if she’d never gotten off track. “We should really talk about—” She turned slightly to the side and began to stride away, her usual practice when discussing business; she couldn’t keep still. But one foot moved, the booted one didn’t, she got tangled on the latter, and stumbled, her bag thumping to the floor.

Luke grabbed for her arm but missed, one hand closing on the fabric of her shirt instead. She heard and felt buttons pop, material rip and one bra strap wrench to the side before Luke caught hold of her with his other hand and pulled her against him to keep her from falling farther.

She gasped as her body slammed up hard against his, but she instinctively wrapped her arms around his back to keep her balance. His palms pressed just below her shoulder blades, holding her close, and she would’ve pulled away with a decisive tug if not for a possible repeat tripping performance and the fact that her breasts had been exposed by a torn shirt and skewed bra. His t-shirt felt soft against her cheek and the tops of her breasts. For one exquisite moment, she relaxed into the firmness of his chest and thighs.

Still, there was no way around it. At some point, they would have to separate, and she wasn’t one to linger over embarrassment or uncomfortable situations.

“Mr. Tyler,” she began, but the rumble of laughter moving up from his belly to his throat stopped her.

“If anything qualifies us to be on a first name basis, I’d say this is it.” Before she could respond, he continued. “Are you feeling steady now?”

“Yes.” No. Not with you holding me so firmly against your far too solid body.

He relaxed his arms and moved smoothly away from her, dropping his hat to the floor before grasping the bottom of his t-shirt and pulling it over his head.

“Rate I’m going, I’ll owe you a full wardrobe soon.” He turned the shirt right side out and presented it to her without moving his head.

Victoria held the edges of her own shirt closed with one hand, staring at the smooth line of muscle running in a curve from his back, indenting at his shoulder and continuing along the back of his arm. His naturally dark olive skin went all the way up and all the way down; definitely not the tanning parlor type.

“I beg your pardon?” she said, still staring at his back. She’d never seen such smooth, warm-toned skin up close; she’d always dated businessmen, pale under their suits. Many had preferred sex in the dark, or under the covers.

He twitched the shirt at her. “Best put it on. I don’t like talking with my back to people. ‘Sides that, the boys are on their way and may be here soon.”

She let her blouse slide from her shoulders and to the floor, then pushed her lacy blue bra back in place before grabbing the tee from him and hastily donning it. It fell to her knees, almost as long as the skirt she wore. Looking down at, she figured she could make it work with a big belt and platform boots.

“I’m modestly attired now,” she said, not avoiding any irony in her tone. “It’s safe to turn around.”

To keep from staring at his bare upper body, she bent to retrieve her torn shirt. She worried he might try to play the white knight and pick it up for her, resulting in them bumping heads and falling over like bowling pins, but he stayed in place, watching as she dropped the blouse in her bag.

“Well,” she said in a firm voice, determined to get the two of them on task and help regain her equilibrium. “When will your band mates be here?”

“They’re here,” said a voice behind her. “And just in time to stop some shenanigans, I’d say.”



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