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Tasty Dish: Out of the Ether

I’ve been taking notes for awhile now, setting up an outline and figuring out back story at the same time. It took me forever to get to it today, but once I did, the ideas started floating up out of the ether. It’s like magic when that happens, and it’s one of the rewards of writing, one of the reasons I keep going. Sometimes I question these ideas (“Really? Where did that come from?!”), but for the most part, I have a private little smile, and thank the part of my brain they came from.

For instance, who knew that Gabe’s editor was once on Wall Street – it sets her up as the perfect person to know one of his secrets, and to help him with it. But it also fits. Can you imagine having a former wolf of Wall Street (erm, not the Leonardo Di Caprio or Gordon Gecko kind so much, thank you) working out book deals for you?

I pondered names for awhile, and came up with Andrea, which led to…well, I’m dating myself here, because it reminded me of Andrea (ON-drea) from the original Beverly Hills 90210. So why not name his editor Ondrea? Her friends call her Onnie. I like it. We’ll see if it sticks, or if something else come up out of the mist to replace it.