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Tasty Dish: Progress Report

I suppose I should say “no progress” report. I got waylaid with a nasty cold/sinusy-y thing and my energy is currently going toward getting caught up at the day job, as well as with Christmas present shopping (can it really be just a week before Christmas?!).

So nothing new on Tasty Dish, but it’s always in the back of my mind, as I absorb information around me (food, catering, reality TV cooking shows, journalism, etc.) and let it simmer in the background for use later when I’m ready to do some actual writing.

Tasty Dish: A Real Fine Place to Start*

I’m pretty linear, so when I’m starting a new book, I tend to go from beginning to end in a (relatively) straight line. If I really want to work on a scene I know is coming up, I’ll do that, but for the most part, I like to discover new things right along with my characters. This can make for slow going, though, and many revisions.

I may experiment with outlining with Tasty Dish, but my real starting place for this one is to read what I’ve already written, and see if it’s worth saving or not.

My re-read has been slow over the past week, what with Real Life getting in the way (anyone else experiencing their first colds of the season this week?) and there is some true first-draft ick-what-was-I-thinking in there, but also a lot of fun. And one scene I’m very proud of and will definitely keep. It’s my main characters’ first meeting, and was a challenge due to circumstances (in the book) I can’t yet discuss (don’t want to give away too much too soon!).

Looking forward to digging into the rest of it this weekend…

(*Also the name of a real fine song by Sara Evans)







Starting a New Book

I love starting a new book. All of the possibilities, the research (yes, I love doing research), finding just the right first line (which is changed many, many times over the course of many, many re-writes, but it’s still fun to come up with those first few) and to watch the story unfold as I learn about my characters and their choices and their journey together.

Technically, Tasty Dish, my latest, isn’t brand new. I have about 50 pages written, but I set it aside to finish and polish two others and now I’m looking forward to picking it up again and finishing.

For those who love competition cooking reality shows, like The Next Food Network Star or The Great Food Truck Race, Tasty Dish goes into this world. Teresa Steplowski and Gabe De Luca are each looking for a change in their lives, but neither one is quite prepared when their lives intersect on the show.